10 Best Medical Schools in Europe

Becoming a doctor is among the top five dream jobs for children. If you once dreamed of becoming a doctor or taking a course in the medical field, stick to those aspirations. Research shows that following your childhood dream career path makes your professional life more fulfilling. Plus, there’s something incredibly rewarding about being a doctor – perhaps it’s helping others, or perhaps it’s being part of leading the world in medical research.

Selecting the best medical school influences your success and achievements in the field. Read on to discover the best medical schools in Europe.  

Why Should You Consider Medical Schools in Europe?

Europe has some of the best medical schools in the world. And you are certainly spoilt for choice. However, choosing the best medical school in Europe requires time and thorough background checks. 

Before applying to a medical school, ensure it aligns with your career goals. Take time to study the teaching style, culture, and entry requirements, then narrow down to the best fit.   

You should also check the chances of securing admission to your dream college as an international student, to avoid frustrations. This guide lists the top 10 medical schools to help you make an informed application. 

1.   The University of Oxford

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The University of Oxford, UK, was named the world’s best university in 2023, and became the first university to retain the title for seven consecutive years. Securing an admission to this prestigious university means you will learn from the best in the medical field. In addition, the medical school provides learner-centred teaching sessions, unmatched pastoral support, and comfortable accommodation for local and international students.

Given the high global ranking of the university, competition for the limited admission slots is high. However, you can increase your chances of getting into a prestigious medical school like Oxford, through an agency like China Admissions.  

2.   The University of Cambridge

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Ranked second in the UK, the University of Cambridge is a good option for international students who wish to study in a high ranking university. Competition for admission slots to this school is not as high as in the University of Oxford. 

When you secure an admission to this medical school, you get exposed to intellectually motivating and professionally challenging medical courses to prepare you for a successful career in medical practice.

You also experience a diverse culture that prepares you to work in any part of the world. The school has an acceptance rate of 15.7%, meaning you have a fair chance of getting an admission as an international student.

3.   Karolinska Institute, Sweden

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The Karolinska Institute (KI) is a medical research giant in Sweden and one of the most prestigious universities in the world. When you join KI medical school, you learn in an environment with students from all corners of the world. You also interact with world-renowned researchers working in a wide range of specialisations and approaches.

The research and training infrastructure in this school also meets international standards. However, most courses are offered in Swedish, apart from a Bachelor’s Programme in Biomedicine, which is offered in English. KI has an acceptance rate of 3.9% for international students.    

4.   Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany

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The Charité – Universitätsmedizin, Berlin, is a renowned medical school in Europe. The college holds over 50% of all Nobel Prizes in physiology or medicine. 

It is also home to one of the best hospitals in Europe, which provides students with a practical approach to medical training. Moreover, studying medicine in Germany is cheaper than in the UK for international students. You may also choose to start your practice in the country after completing your undergraduate studies.

The school does not make public its acceptance rate, but there are hundreds of international students at the institution.  

5.   LMU Munich, Germany

The LMU Munich, Germany, provides numerous research opportunities for its students. You could also secure third-party funding for your medical research done in the institution. 

In addition, the training is founded on centuries of medical research. The 10% acceptance rate means you have a fair chance of studying medicine at this prestigious university as an international student.  

6.   ETH Zurich, Switzerland

ETH Zurich, Switzerland, has built its reputation in medical training for the last 150 years. The medical school trains local and international students, equipping them with the knowledge to work anywhere around the globe. Your application to this university as an international student has a 27% success rate. 

7.   KU Leuven – University of Leuven, Belgium

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KU Leuven – University of Leuven, Belgium, provides you with an excellent opportunity to meet your career goals in the medical field. 

Once you secure admission to this university, you will be equipped with innovative research and clinical knowledge to help you meet your career goals. The KU Leuven – the University of Leuven trains local and international students and has an acceptance rate of 73%. 

8.   Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

The Netherlands also hosts medical schools with a regional and global reputation. If you wish to study for your medical degree in the Netherlands, Erasmus University Rotterdam will make your dreams come true.

With an acceptance rate of 39.1%, you stand a chance of joining other students pursuing different medical courses at Erasmus University, Rotterdam.    

9.   Sorbonne University, France

Sorbonne University, France, is among the few esteemed universities in Europe that accept everyone who meets their minimum qualifications. You can join thousands of other students benefiting from some of the high-level research facilities at the university.  

10.  University of Paris, France

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The University of Paris also accepts almost every student that meets its minimum qualifications. Like most medical schools in the European region, it has invested in research and training facilities that equip students with the required skills and competencies to meet medical challenges in Europe and the rest of the world.   

Want to Study Medicine Abroad? Contact Us 

Europe has numerous renowned medical schools that provide internationally accepted training and certifications in the healthcare industry. Getting your medical degree in Europe helps you fulfil your childhood aspirations of helping humanity. You also spend fewer years in class compared to other regions, such as the US. However, competition for admission slots is stiff, especially when you make applications on your own.   

At  Global Admissions, we make it easy for international students to secure university admissions abroad. If you wish to pursue your medical degree abroad, visit our admissions page to learn more.     



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