10 Reasons To Study in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and one with a thriving education system. The country has hundreds of thousands of international students currently studying there, and produces some remarkable discoveries in technology and science. If you are thinking about studying abroad and want to combine a solid education with cheap living costs and a high quality of life, Turkey is the place to go. Here are 10 reasons to consider Turkey. 

Where Is Turkey?

Turkey is located in Europe, situated between Bulgaria, Syria and a short ferry ride from Greece. Its climate is warm and sunny most of the year, with the south being beachy and perfect for summer holidays. Turkey has around 84 million residents and a diverse and interesting culture. It’s a hotbed for international students, health tourists and holidaymakers from around the world. 

Reasons To Study in Turkey

study in turkey

World Class Education System

Turkey is home to almost 200 universities and ranks second in the world in terms of access to higher education. That gives you a taste of how much educational variety there is there. It is also home to more than 600,000 international students and offers more than 20,000 English taught degree programmes. 

Cheap and Excellent Healthcare

When living in a place for a few years, you want to make sure your health is taken care of. Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors go to Turkey for ‘medical tourism’ because of its excellent quality, short waiting lists and cheap prices. Being a student in Turkey means you can gain access to this healthcare at a very low cost. 


study in turkey

Turkey is home to many different cultures and religions. There are more than 70 languages spoken, and many visitors from around the world. Multiculturalism can enhance education and help you to learn more about the world you are living in. You can visit mosques and churches, hear the call to prayer each day, and learn about various religious customs. 

Research and Innovation

Turkey has been ranked 7th in scientific output among OECD countries. It has a high number of engineers, scientists, and technicians, and also has the highest number of newly-registered patent applications in the European Union. If you are wanting to study technical science, Turkey is the place to be. 

English Language Proficiency 

English is a commonly spoken language in Turkey, especially in the cities and tourist hubs. You can get by without knowing any Turkish. Studying in Turkey is easy for this reason, as many universities offer English taught programmes. Furthermore, the Turks love receiving British pound notes and American dollars as currency, so you don’t even need to exchange your cash if you don’t want to. You will meet other people from your country there, and feel at home due to the welcoming nature of the locals. 

Diverse Landscapes

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The southern coast of Turkey looks miles different to the inner city souks of Istanbul. And it doesn’t take long to get from one side of Turkey to the other, with direct cheap flights taking off daily. Whether you want a colorful cityscape or rocky coastline, Turkey has it. The south in particular has some fantastic hills and mountains, giving you excellent views. It’s also easy to drive around Turkey, so if you wish to rent a car, you won’t struggle too much on the roads (just take care if you go down the dirt roads, as these can be steep and bumpy). 

Cheap Transport

It doesn’t cost much to get around Turkey on public transport, and even the taxi prices are very low. Istanbul has a metro system similar to Paris and London, and is easy to navigate. The bus in Turkey is around 8 TL, which is the equivalent to £0.30p (GBP) or $0.45 (USD). You can also get an affordable Ferry from the south of Turkey over to Greece. Renting a car is also cheap for those of you who are happy to drive. 

Scholarship Opportunities 

study in turkey


The Turkish Government offers scholarship opportunities to international students at all levels of education. They also place focus on scholarship opportunities for people from developing countries. You can find out more about scholarship opportunities abroad here

Cheap Accommodation

study in turkey

Students wanting to keep costs down will appreciate the cost of living in Turkey, especially the rent prices. The average studio apartment in Istanbul is around 3000 TL, which is the equivalent of £130 (GBP) and $160 (USD). In the south the prices can be even cheaper. Students with means can afford a very stylish 2-3 bedroom home at the same cost of a house share in London. 

History Everywhere 

study in turkey

There’s a historical education everywhere you go in Turkey. You can learn about The Ottoman Empire, Turkey’s role in WW2, The Turkish Military Coup, Istanbul bombings, the Syria conflict and much more – just by walking around. The locals will happily tell you more about the history of Turkey too, and tend to be very friendly and approachable. 

Which University to Choose?

It’s important that you pick the right university for you. Every university will have a strength, such as being ranked well globally, being situated in a busy bustling environment, or being able to offer high quality courses. First think about where in Turkey you might want to live, and then explore the universities in that region. Alternatively if location isn’t important to you, start by looking at the best universities in Turkey (listed below).

No matter what you want to study, Turkey will have a university that can meet your needs and reach beyond your expectations. 

Some of the most popular universities in Turkey are:

  • Cankaya University
  • Koc University
  • METU Middle East Technical University
  • Hacettepe University
  • Istanbul Technical University
  • Duzce University

If you would like to learn more about studying abroad, and browse programmes that might interest you, take a look at our dedicated page. We help to make the process of applying to a university abroad simple, straightforward and easy.

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