15 Fun Facts about Japan

Japan, the land of cherry blossoms, samurai legends, and futuristic toilets. As you contemplate your study abroad adventure, let’s dive into the lesser-known but utterly fascinating facets of this island nation. Buckle up as we embark on a whirlwind tour of Japan’s quirkiest secrets that every international student should know. 

1. Capsule Hotels: Sleep Like a Sci-Fi Hero

Imagine cozying up in a human-sized drawer—that’s the essence of capsule hotels. These compact pods are perfect for budget-conscious travelers or anyone seeking a futuristic slumber experience. Just don’t forget to duck when entering!

2. Train Etiquette: The Art of Silence

Japanese trains are like libraries on wheels. Passengers communicate through telepathic nods, and phone calls are akin to summoning a dragon. Silence reigns supreme, and even the most rebellious teenager becomes a Zen master during rush hour.

3. Kit Kat Mania: Beyond Chocolate

In Japan, Kit Kats aren’t just chocolate bars; they’re a cultural phenomenon. With flavors like wasabi, sake, and matcha, these crispy wafers have transcended snack status. Collect them all, and you’ll unlock the secret to enlightenment (or at least a sugar rush).

4. Vending Machine Galore: Sushi, Anyone?

Japan boasts more vending machines per capita than anywhere else. Forget soda; these machines dispense everything from ramen to fresh flowers. And yes, you can even snag a sushi roll on the go. It’s like Willy Wonka’s factory, minus the Oompa Loompas.

5. Kawaii Culture: Cute Overload

Prepare for an overdose of cuteness. From Hello Kitty to Pikachu, Japan’s kawaii culture infiltrates every corner. Even traffic cones wear adorable outfits. Don’t be surprised if you start cooing at manhole covers—it’s contagious.

6. Haunted Toilets: The Ghostly Flush

Japanese toilets are smarter than your average AI. They play soothing music, warm your derrière, and offer a phantom flush to mask any embarrassing sounds. It’s like having a poltergeist as your bathroom buddy.

7. Cat Cafés: Feline Therapy

Stressed? Head to a cat café, where fluffy felines roam freely. Sip your latte while a tabby massages your stress away. It’s the purr-fect remedy for exam jitters.

8. Cherry Blossom Parties: Petal Power

Springtime in Japan means hanami—picnics under blooming cherry trees. Grab a bento box, sip sakura-flavored soda, and revel in the ephemeral beauty. Bonus points if you compose haikus about falling petals.

9. Deer in Nara: Bambi’s Backstory

Nara’s deer roam freely, bowing to tourists and plotting world domination. They’ve mastered the art of guilt-tripping humans into sharing their snacks. Beware—they’re cute but cunning.

10. Pachinko Parlors: Sonic Chaos

Step into one of Japan’s many pachinko parlors, and you’ll encounter a symphony of flashing lights, metallic balls, and ear-splitting noise. It’s like playing pinball during an earthquake. Good luck deciphering the rules!

11. Karaoke: Battle It Out

Karaoke isn’t just a casual affair for students in Japan — it’s a vocal showdown. Choose your anthem, grab the mic, and channel your inner Beyoncé. Bonus points if you hit the high notes without shattering glass.

12. Okonomiyaki: Pancakes, Japanese Style

Okonomiyaki isn’t your typical pancake. It’s a savory delight—a fusion of cabbage, noodles, and mystery

13. Koi Fish: Swimming Rainbows

Koi fish aren’t your average aquatic buddies. These vibrant swimmers come in hues that would make a rainbow blush. From fiery reds to tranquil blues, they grace Japanese gardens and koi ponds, bringing serenity and a splash of color.

14. Geta Shoes: Elevated Tradition

Step into the past with geta shoes. These wooden sandals, complete with elevated platforms, have been gracing Japanese feet for centuries. Perfect for channeling your inner geisha or samurai—just mind the cobblestones!

15. Fox Shrines: Inari’s Foxy Friends

Inari shrines dot the landscape, guarded by fox statues. These sly creatures serve as messengers for the deity Inari. Legend has it that they love fried tofu, so don’t be surprised if you spot a fox nibbling on a snack near the shrine.

Study Abroad in Japan

Whether these facts have intrigued you or you have a long-standing fascination for Japan, the nation’s universities offer many opportunities for international students pursuing further education. Browse our platform to learn more about the programs on offer or book a free call with one of our student advisors. 

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