3 Reasons To Study at London School of Business and Finance, Singapore

Today, the world is more connected than ever before–and so is higher education. It’s undeniable that in the modern age, having experience living and working in international environments will give you a major advantage in the job market. The London School of Business & Finance in Singapore (LSBF Singapore) exists to fill this need for business students from every background. From undergraduates to executives, studying in the heart of Singapore, known for its academic excellence, uniquely prepares you for a successful career in a globalized world. Here are three reasons why LSBF Singapore is the best choice to prepare you for an evolving business career with a focus on Asia. 

1- Their curriculum and programs are designed to meet the evolving demands of the business world

The realities of business and finance are constantly changing. With new technologies and global trends come a new set of skills entrepreneurial leaders need to develop in order to stay on top. LSBF Singapore is the perfect place for globally-minded students and professionals at every level to study. LSBF Singapore offers not only undergraduate and master’s programs, but also a wide range of courses that are specifically designed for professionals and future executives to reach their goals. Full-time workers and students can take LSBF Singapore’s online courses which are designed to fit around a busy life schedule. They also offer preparatory courses for ACCA and CA Singapore, as well as US CPAs. Finally, their Executive Education programs are designed to equip industry professionals with necessary skills to advance their careers like communication, leadership, and boosting revenue. 

2- Students will learn cross-cultural business and language skills designed to help them acclimate to local cultural practices and connect Asia and the West  

LSBF Singapore’s campus is located in the heart of Singapore’s central business district, and their academic offerings match this enviable location. The school offers language programs in both Chinese and English, as well as bilingual course offerings, so professionals can develop the skills necessary to move between Chinese-speaking and English-speaking economic spheres. An education at LSBF Singapore is directly targeted to enhance students’ familiarity with Asian markets and teach transferable skills designed in collaboration with top UK and French institutions such as The University of Greenwich, University of East London, University of Law, and Grenoble Ecole de Management.

3- LSBF Singapore is a leading global business hub

There is potentially no better location than Singapore to launch an academic or professional career in business and finance. Ideally located at the crossroads of East Asia, Southeast Asia, and global shipping routes, the volume of Singapore’s total merchandise trade exceeded $715 billion USD in 2020. In a multiethnic society, business students in Singapore will interact with Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Eurasian communities, growing cross-cultural communication skills as well as valuable networking with a global scope. Singapore is known in Asia for its strong regulatory policies, making the nation one of the least corrupt places to do business. Students looking for a strong start in a business career, or professionals looking to learn new skills, can’t go wrong with studying at LSBF Singapore. 

LSBF Singapore offers programs such as:

  • Bachelor’s in Business, Accounting and Finance, Law, Hospitality, Logistics, and Technology (Awarded by The University of Greenwich, The University of Law, and The University of East London);
  • MBA and MA in International Business (Awarded by The University of Greenwich); 
  • MSc in Computer Science and Information Security/Digital Forensics (Awarded by The University of East London);
  • Certificate in Mandarin for Business;
  • Singapore CA Qualification, US CPA Exam preparation, ACCA Qualification preparation;
  • And even more programs!

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