5 Safest Countries to Study Abroad in 2022

Choosing a good destination to study abroad is very important. You might consider the language, culture, and average cost of living of various countries around the world. But another thing to consider before studying abroad is safety. Staying safe from Covid, discrimination, and crime will make your study experience more productive and fruitful. Additionally, safety from violent conflict and political risk should be taken into consideration. 

What are the safest countries for students to study abroad in 2022? Consider these five top destinations for your study abroad experience:


New Zealand

This island nation off the coast of Australia is one of the safest countries for students to study abroad. The country is ranked second in the Global Peace Index for 2021, has gorgeous natural wildlife, and as a bonus, is a country that has consistently ranked highly for Covid safety with few outbreaks!

New Zealand: Safest Countries to Study Abroad

Pros: Low risk of crime, legal protections for all genders, sexualities, and religions

Cons: Difficult to get to because of the distance from many countries, cost of living is high, students should take precautions if hiking remote trails



Located north of the United States of America, Canada has a smaller population and is consistently viewed as a safe destination for students to study in North America. Their universities offer world-class education, scholarships, and a robust environment for international students. Canada is also known for its love of winter sports like ice hockey. 

Canada: Safest Countries to Study Abroad

Pros: Protected rights for minority groups, low risk of violent crime

Cons: In recent years, discrimination instances against Black Canadians and Africans, as well as Asians, have increased slightly. Winter temperatures are extremely low and can be difficult to bear. 



Singapore, a city-nation located in Southeast Asia, is rated the safest country in Asia for women. The country is well-known for its stunning skyline, modern shopping malls, unique history, and year-round warm weather.

Safest Countries to Study Abroad Singapore for students

Pros: Extremely low crime rate (the most common crime is fraud), high level of public and street safety, promotion of religious harmony, safe for women

Cons: No legal protections for LGBTQ+ people, though violent hate crimes are low. Singapore’s largest ethnic group is Chinese with other racial groups in the minority. 



Aside from delicious food and globally adored pop culture, Japan is an exceptionally safe country. With an extremely high level of public safety, cleanliness, and order, students going to Japan can be sure of a peaceful academic experience.

Pros: Extremely safe from violent crime and other crimes, safe for women and LGBTQ students, religious freedom

Cons: Danger from typhoons and earthquakes, some discrimination against foreigners though racial discrimination is legally prohibited


Aside from New Zealand, Australia is another extremely safe and popular destination for studying abroad in Oceania. It’s ranked very highly for women’s and children’s safety, and boasts unique natural beauty and animal life due to its isolated geographical location. 

Australia Safest Countries to Study Abroad for students

Pros: High protections for LGBTQ rights, safe for women and children, low crime levels, low risk of armed conflict

Cons: Dangerous wildlife, risk of brush fires in rural/suburban areas, some racial discrimination instances

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