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What is Global Admissions?

Founded in 2015 and based in Beijing and London, Global Admissions is an investor backed online platform for international students to apply to  universities.

We have won a number of awards:

Why Partner with Us?

Global Admissions helps you to:

📈 1) Grow Student Numbers

Through our high quality content, events, and social media, email and student community resources we have the largest reach that can amplify your reach globally, develop student recruitment markets and boost enrollment numbers. 

🌎 2) Improve Your Campus Diversity & Student Quality

Diversity on campus and quality is increasingly important. Our students are extremely diverse from 195 countries, and include a significant number of high quality students. We have experts in team knowledge from Europe, USA, and South Asia and access to multilingual marketing resources.

3) Simplify & Upgrade Your Work Process

We help make things easy for you through our technology, processes, services and multilingual speaking and international service team. By sharing the latest data and using our resources we can help you gain leverage and build a competitive advantage so you can focus on the most important parts to reach your recruitment goals.

What we provide

  • Promote your programs at the moment of intent
  • Get student leads and / or applications directly to your email, CRM or admissions system
  • Join online events to reach thousands of students
  • Create content marketing campaigns with measurable ROI to grow your recruitment pipeline

How we work for students

We are breaking down barriers for students, making it easier for them to study abroad.

On Global Admissions, students can:

  • Search out of thousands of  online on our admissions system,
  • Get inspiration and information about studying abroad from our content and social media
  • Join online events to ask us and / or our universities questions directly
  • Ask questions and / or book a free call with our counsellors
  • They can apply online on our system and receive fast updates
  • We will submit onto the university’s system

About Our Students

We have a diverse group of over 200,000 registered students and 1 million+ searching per year. Contact us for more information about our students, demographics.

Thousands of Satisfied Students

The process of applying to universities can be quite daunting for students, especially if they are navigating in a second language. There are so many choices, and, as it is often their first time leaving their home, it can lead to analysis paralysis, and it can be easy to make basic mistakes.

We make the process of studying abroad simple, with our user friendly online platform, and  artificial intelligence to automate each step while providing personal support to guide students at the key points when they need it.

This student applied by themselves to study abroad and got rejected everywhere, she then used our platform and got accepted everywhere:

How we work with universities

  • We provide a complete range of services for international universities from program listing, events promotions, content marketing campaigns and student counselling, and admissions services.
  • For each promotion we will confirm a clear KPI, that is providing you with a clear return on investment.
  • We provide regular updates and reports.
  • To learn more, register your details below and book a call with us.
  • We will introduce more about our students, information pack for universities, and more information on our services, and case studies.

Successfully Cooperating with Top Universities

We have successfully cooperated with some of the world’s top universities since 2015.

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