10 Most Affordable Places to Study Abroad in 2024

Every student wants to find a beautiful country and qualified university to study abroad in–but budget and finances are also major concerns. With limited income as a student, these are the absolute best places to study abroad if you want to save money and have a low cost of living in 2023.

These are the most affordable places to study abroad that are cheapest for students. You can find and apply to any one of the universities in these regions on Global Admissions!

1. Kyrgyzstan

Located in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan is a lesser-known study destination that can still provide a good-quality education and money-saving lifestyle for students. It is the third-cheapest country in Asia and tuition fees for international students range from 5,000 to 10,000 soms (US$100 to US$200) at public universities, making this some of the cheapest tuition in the world!

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cheapest places to study abroad kyrgyzstan

2. Malaysia

Malaysia is the fourth cheapest country in Asia and has the benefit of being a diverse place with study abroad opportunities for international students. Tuition fees for international students in Malaysia will cost an average of MYR 7,000-12,000 (USD 1500-2700) per year.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’ capital city, is 60-70% cheaper than Singapore and London. You can have a very low cost of living and save money if you choose to study in Malaysia.

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3. Hungary

Hungary is cheaper than most countries in Eastern Europe. With the perfect location for traveling around Europe, unique history and culture, and delicious food, Hungary is a top destination for students who want the prestige of studying in Europe but do not want to pay high fees.

Tuition in Hungary usually costs only $2000-$5000 Euros per year. It’s at least 30% cheaper than other European cities like Prague, Zurich, Madrid, and Athens. Living and studying in the EU can bring many benefits to your study life and future career, and Hungary may be the cheapest country to do so.

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Find Universities in Hungary

4. Poland

Located in Eastern Europe, Poland is easily one of the cheapest countries to live and study in Europe. The cost of living in Poland is only $400-$600 USD a month without rent. The nation has a history as a crossroad between east and west, and has played a major role in European history.

Polish university education follows global standards, and thus Polish degrees are accepted all over the world. The tuition costs at Polish universities are only about 1000 euros to 4000 euros per year.

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5. Kenya

Kenya is a completely unique and adventurous place to study abroad. As an international student in Kenya, you will get a firsthand look at the vibrant East African culture. You’ll also get to experience Kenya’s exciting development and its importance as a regional leader. You will gain a completely new outlook on your education and future career–and it is also a very affordable place to live and study!

The cost of living in Kenya is between $400 and $600 USD a month, and university tuition may only be $1000-$5000 USD per year. International students here can enjoy the benefits of Kenyan life while obtaining distinctive and ever-improving degrees.

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6. Brazil

Brazil is one of the cheapest countries for students to study for many reasons–one of them is that Brazilian public universities give free tuition to international students!

In addition to low cost of living, opportunities to explore Brazil’s vibrant culture and beaches, and the chance to learn Portuguese, having to pay 0 tuition is the dream of many students. You can achieve these goals in Brazil.

You can also watch some of the world’s most famous football (futbol) players and teams score goals on the field…Brazil is well-known as a futbol-lover’s paradise!

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most affordable study abroad destination brazil

7. Mexico

Mexico is located just to the south of the USA, and is world-famous for amazing food, rich history, and lively culture known for bright colors and music. Mexico is also an extremely affordable place to study for international students, with a very low cost of living and easy travel by walking, biking, or taxis within cities. Tuition costs for international students in Mexico are only $300-$1100 USD per year, among the cheapest in the world.

Mexico’s universities are top ranked throughout Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world. You will also graduate able to speak Spanish, one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world.

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8. South Africa

South Africa is a top destination for students around the world and offers unbeatable opportunities to study in English in world-class universities surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of southern Africa. The university tuition for international students in South Africa is only $2,500 to $4,000 USD per year. This is extremely low compared to other developed countries like Canada or Australia.

The monthly cost of living is also not so high. In Johannesburg, the average monthly costs without rent are only $500/600 USD per month.

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9. Portugal

Portugal is an ideal country to live for many reasons: beautiful cities, welcoming culture, beautiful and warm weather on the shores of the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean, and easy access to travel around Europe. But for students, it also offers a very low cost of living and affordable tuition.

The average cost of living across Portugal is 600-800 Euros per month. Average tuition costs are 550 – 1,050 Euros per year for Bachelors, and up to 3000 Euros per year for Masters degrees.

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10. Saudi Arabia

For students who want to learn Arabic and experience life and work in a major Middle Eastern country, Saudi Arabia may be the perfect destination that combines affordability and value. In Saudi Arabia, universities are growing in prominence and moving up in the rankings. International graduates also have the opportunity to stay and work after graduating, which can open doors to establish your global career. Saudi Arabia is a regional economic powerhouse and has a very high standard of living in its cities.

The average cost of living in Saudi Arabia is around $500 USD/month for one person without rent. The average tuition costs are around $6000 USD for Bachelors programs. Scholarships are available for students who want to pursue their studies in Saudi Arabia!

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