Double Degrees: Your Path to a Dual Education

As you consider your future prospects, you’re likely exploring various educational pathways to help you achieve your aspirations. One such avenue worth considering is the double degree, which can sometimes be called a dual degree or joint degree. In this article, we delve into what a double degree entails, shedding light on this unique educational offering that enables you to undertake not one but two distinct fields of study at the same time.

A double degree is an educational program that allows a student to simultaneously pursue two separate degree programs, typically from two different institutions or departments. This means that a student can earn two distinct degrees in different fields of study, such as a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or a Master’s degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Environmental Science.

Here are some key points to understand about double degrees:

Dual Focus

Double degree programs are designed for students who wish to gain expertise in two different academic disciplines. These programs allow students to explore and specialize in two areas of interest simultaneously.

Two Institutions

In some cases, double degree programs involve cooperation between two universities or faculties. This means that a student may split their time between two institutions, taking courses and meeting requirements at both places.

Increased Workload

Pursuing a double degree can be more challenging than a single-degree program because it typically requires a heavier course load. Students must meet the academic requirements of both programs, which may extend their time in school.

Career Advantages

Double degree holders often have a competitive advantage in the job market. They can bring a unique combination of skills and knowledge to potential employers, making them well-suited for positions that require expertise in multiple areas.

Varied Structures

The structure of double degree programs can vary widely. Some programs allow students to complete both degrees concurrently, while others may involve sequential completion or the addition of a second degree after the first one is obtained.


Some universities offer predefined double degree programs with specific combinations of degrees, while others allow students to design their own double degree by selecting two programs that align with their interests and career goals.

Double Degrees Worldwide

Here are some examples of double degrees you can apply to and study abroad for.

It’s important to note that double degree programs can be academically demanding, and students should carefully consider their ability to manage the workload and meet the requirements of both degree programs before enrolling in such a program. However, for those who are passionate about multiple fields of study and willing to put in the effort, a double degree can be a rewarding educational experience with significant career benefits.

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