Free University Transfer Service

In order to help university students around the world who are suffering the effects of conflict or disaster, we are pleased to offer our University Transfer Service for FREE!

We will help you find and apply for another university elsewhere in the world, enabling you to continue your university studies with little to no interruption.

Our Free University Transfer Service is for students who…

  1. Are currently enrolled in a higher education institution anywhere in the world
  2. Are not currently in the final year of their program
  3. Have a serious disruption to their studies due to one or more of the following:
    1. Natural disaster
    2. War or other conflict
    3. Sanctions against the country of study
    4. Border closures/Visa restrictions for international students in the country of study
    5. Other extreme circumstances, subject to Global Admissions’ final decision

If you meet these criteria and want to use our Free University Transfer Service, please click here to book a free call:

What does our Free University Transfer Service include?

Our free service includes the following…

  1. Free application to up to 3 universities (students may still need to pay the university’s application fee)
  2. Free review of application documents
  3. 1-on-1 expert advisor
  4. Fast track support by email, chat, and phone
  5. Personalized recommendations for programs anywhere in the world

How can I transfer?

To read more about the transfer process in general, click here.

To search programs to transfer into, check here.



You can search universities and apply on Global Admissions.

It’s easy to apply–

  1. Make an account on Global Admissions
  2. Choose a program to apply to here, or add a program not listed
  3. Submit the required application materials
  4. Get feedback from our admissions counselors
  5. We will help submit your application package to the university
  6. Get accepted into your dream school!

Get personalized help from our award-winning team: Book a Free Call here!

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