Work Study Regulations by Country

What are the work / study / internship regulations for international students?

Often students want to be able to work in order to earn extra money or to get work experience.
There are various different types of regulation around this and it can differ by country. We have
put the information in a summary below.

This has been updated on 26th May. This is intended as a general overview guide only.Β Rules are
constantly changing and this may not be accurate, please check with the official source for the
latest information and / or consult with a lawyer or visa agent. If you notice any inaccuracies
please let us know so we can check and update the information.

ColorRegionOn-Campus WorkOff-Campus WorkInternshipsLegal Min. Wage (USD)Links
🟠ChinaYes, Intl students can do paid part-time work studies with registration and (8 hours per week)Yes, Intl Students can do paid part-time work-studies with registration and limited hours (8 hours per week)Yes Intl students can take paid internships but they must be registered$1.80-$3.90 USD (varies by city and province)Working Policy
🟠JapanYes, but limited hours (28 per week) and must apply for a work permitYes, but limited hours (28 per week) and must apply for a work permitYes, can apply through the university or search yourself, to be paid it is required to register$5.60-$7.30 USD (varies by prefecture)Working Policy
🟠KoreaYes, on-campus jobs offeredYes, part-time work is permitted but must obtain permissionYes, but unpaid while on a student visa$7.70 USDWorking Policy
🟠United StatesYes, on-campus jobs offeredSome restrictions on off-campus work, not allowed to work off-campus during the first yearYes, internships permitted if you get permission from the university and meet conditions$7.25-$15.00 USD (varies by state)Working Policy
Guide to Working
🟠CanadaYes, permit sometimes needed and unlimited working hoursYes, permit sometimes neededYes, internships allowed if you have a permit$9.24-$12.52 USD (varies by province)Working Policy
πŸ”΄MexicoNo, not permittedNo, not permittedInternships are not very common and often unpaid$1.00 USDWorking Policy
🟠BrazilYesYesYes, unpaid on the VITEM IV visa but can be paid if you're on the VITEM V visa.$0.98 USDWorking Policy
🟠UKCan work less than 20 hours, and must meet conditionsCan work less than 20 hours, and must meet conditionsYes, paid and unpaid internships are permitted. Sometimes students get academic credit for internships$10 USDWorking Policy
🟠FranceYes, can work 670 hours during the school year and 300 during the summerYes, can work 964 hours a year *(slight exceptions for Algerian students)Yes, paid if longer than 2 months$11.50 USDWorking Policy
🟠GermanyYesYes, but limited hours based on country of originYes, generally paid if longer than 3 months$10.40 USDWorking Policy
🟠ItalyYes, part-time 20 hours a weekYes, part-time work up to 1,040 hours per year. Non-EU students need a work permit + job offer from Italian companyYes, Curricular internships permittedNo legal minimum wage, wages generally begin at $7.00 USDWorking Policy
Finding Jobs
🟠SpainOn-campus jobs not commonYes, 20 hours per week with a work permitYes, mostly unpaid and can be regulated by the university, must have proper visa$6.00 USDWorking Policy
🟠IsraelYes, some campus jobs available Yes, but in limited fields and must obtain a work permit (this includes remote work while you are based in Israel but working for a foreign company)Yes, but primarily unpaid$6.98 USDWorking Policy
Working Remotely
🟠United Arab EmiratesOn-campus jobs not commonYes, only with work permit and only 4 consecutive hours at a timeYes, paid and long-term internships are the most common. Some "free zones" in Dubai have their own rules for recruitment. $23.00 USD for graduatesWorking Policy
🟠South AfricaYes, students can work part-time up to 20 hours a weekYes, students can work part-time up to 20 hours a week (usually as waiter, receptionist, etc)Primarily unpaid volunteer work. Students who are required to intern by their program will have to apply for a work visa which is very difficult to get$1.50 USDStudy / Work Policy
Visa Rules
🟠AustraliaYes, up to 20 hours a week both paid/unpaid with student visa with work permitYes, up to 20 hours per week both paid/unpaid with student visa with work permissionYes but very limited, unpaid and limited hours while on a student visa $14.50 USDWorking Policy
Visa Information
🟠New ZealandNot commonYes, up to 20 hours a week on a student visaYes, can be paid or unpaid$11.00Working While Studying
Working Policy

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