Guide to Study in Canada for International Students 2024

Along with the US and the UK, Canada is one of the top study destinations in the world for international students and it is growing in popularity year by year.

Seen as a cheaper and safer alternative to the United States, but still with an extremely high education quality, more and more international students are flocking to Canada to enjoy good education and a diverse society.

In fact, Canada is one of the safest places to study in the world!

Let’s take a look at how YOU can study in Canada for the 2023 intake.

Why Students Choose to Study in Canada?

1- Canada welcomes international students even during the pandemic

Canada has over 600,000 international students each year, and the numbers continued to grow even after the pandemic’s impact. With open borders, welcoming policies, and vibrant international recruitment, international students come to Canada because Canada welcomes them!

2- Canada is 13% cheaper than the US on average

Students who want to study in North America, live in a developed and advanced economy, and save money would be well to choose Canada. Canada is know for being far more affordable than its southern neighbor, the USA. Here is a cost comparison of some big cities in the US and Canada:

Canadian City Cost of Living (USD) US City
Cost of Living (USD)
Toronto 2200 New York City 3500
Vancouver 2300 Chicago 2300
Montreal 1700 Boston 2800
Edmonton 1500 Austin 2000
Ottawa 1800 Minneapolis 2000


3- Canada is 12th safest in the world–safer than UK, US, Australia, and Germany

For personal safety, Canada is one of the best options in the world. It is safer than other popular study destinations like the UK, US, Australia, Germany, and China.

What makes Canada so safe? Canada has strict gun-control laws, good healthcare and financial assistance for people who fall on hard times, and a generally peaceful culture and history.

The biggest dangers you will face in Canada are from harsh winters (make sure you have a sturdy coat and boots!). Bears, wolves, and moose roam Canada’s rural areas. If you want to travel to see Canada’s gorgeous nature and hiking trails, make sure you visit with an experienced outdoorsman.

Top Tier Canadian Universities

Canadian universities are respected around the world for providing excellent education to a global standard. Canadian degrees are accepted worldwide. As an English-taught degree, earning marks from a Canadian school can help you take further English-taught courses in the future, stay and work in Canada, or start your dream job.

Here are some of the best Canadian universities:

  1. University of Toronto
  2. McGill University
  3. The University of British Columbia
  4. University of Montreal
  5. University of Ottawa
  6. Western University
  7. York University

See more Canadian universities here:

The historic University of British Columbia (Vancouver) is a tourist attraction in the region.

Costs of Studying in Canada

Insurance fees:
1000 CAD to 1800 CAD
Application fees:
100-200 CAD
Undergrad costs:
5000-30000 CAD/year
Masters costs:
2500-18000 CAD/year
PhD costs:
2500-18000 CAD/year


How Can International Students Study in Canada?

International students are very welcome in Canada! The application procedures are very straightforward.

  1. Select a University and choose your program
  2. Fill out the application
    1. On Global Admissions, it’s very easy–you can upload all your documents onto one convenient online form, and we send them to the universities to you.
  3. Pay the application fee
  4. Submit the application
    1. We will help you submit it to the university!


It’s a very straightforward process. Begin your journey by choosing a program here:

English Exams to Study in Canada

If English is not your native language, you will need to submit some proof of your English fluency. Luckily, Canadian universities accept many forms of proof and various exams.

TOEFL (internet based) IELTS Duolingo English Test GMAT GRE Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL)
English Undergrad, non-STEM 90 6.5 115 70
English Undergrad, STEM 90 6.5 115 550 70
Business schools 90 6.5 120 550-650 550 70
English Masters, non-STEM 90 6.5 120 70
English Masters, STEM 90 6.5 120 550 70
English PhD 90 6.5 125 70


Different universities may have different requirements for grades, either a little higher or lower than this chart. If you apply through Global Admissions we will make sure your score meets the criteria!

For MBAs at business schools, you will likely need a GMAT score at least 550, or at least 630 for top programs.

study in Canada--university of montreal global admissions
The campus of the University of Montreal is cinematic in the fall.

Study in Canada with Global Admissions

  1. Book a call with us
    1. It’s free! Talk with our admissions counselors about your plans, timeline, and budget. We’ll help guide you to good programs and universities.
  2. Find a program
    1. You can search programs for free here
    2. If the program you want is not listed on our database yet, click here
  3. Check your eligibility
    1. Make sure you meet the entry criteria and have the required examinations!
  4. Submit application documents
    1. On Global Admissions, you can use one platform to apply for multiple universities in Canada or around the world
  5. Pay the application fee
  6. We will send in your application!

After completing these steps, you just need to wait for your university acceptance and then you can apply for a student visa!

Begin your journey by finding a program here:

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