Live Q&A: Global Admissions Instagram

Global Admissions is inviting you to the Live Q&A sessions for September 2022 on our Instagram page @globaladmissions.official this coming 6th September, 8th September, 13th September, 15th September, 20th September, and 22nd September, from 7:00 PM (Beijing Time).

The event is a Q&A session. Come ask questions about the application process to universities around the world–US, UK, Germany, and more! We will answer your questions LIVE!

You can submit your questions early using the form below, or follow the Global Admissions Instagram account @globaladmissions.official and leave your questions in a comment.

We are excited to see you in the Live Q&A!

Event Details

  • Location: Instagram @globaladmissions.official
  • Date: Tuesday, 6th September; Thursday, 8th September; Tuesday, 13th September; Thursday, 15th September; Tuesday, 20th September, and Thursday, 22nd September, 2022.
  • Time: 19:00 Beijing Time, 12 noon London Time
  • Event language: English


Global Admissions Instagram Live Q&A Sessions, September 2022

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