8 Best Places to Study in Asia: Open to International Students

Asia is a fast-growing market for higher education, and attracts tens of thousands of students each year to study abroad. 33 of the Top 100 Universities in the world are located in Asia and Oceania in 2023. Students studying in this region can obtain a world-class education on par with traditionally excellent universities in the US, UK, or Europe!

However, because of Covid, Asian countries traditionally had the strictest border controls and anti-Covid measures. This has led to a severe impact on students’ ability to take their courses, as well as impacting mental health.

In 2022, the situation has changed: most Asian and Oceanic regions are now open to international students and it is easy for you to enter to study. The exception is the Chinese mainland border, which is closed to most students. (You can get updates on the Chinese border here).

There are more opportunities than ever for students to obtain excellent education at affordable prices without having to suffer a long quarantine period or high flight costs. These destinations are all similar to China in tuition costs and education value!

In the meantime, here are 8 high-quality, excellent, and top-rated destinations for students across Asia and Oceania where you can study or transfer out of China. All of these destinations are open for international students!

Study Destinations Open to International Students

South Korea

Border status: Open to international students with a negative Covid test

South Korean universities rank highly in the QS World University Rankings, comparable to elite Chinese universities. International students can obtain a very high-quality education with a globally recognized degree from South Korea. South Korea is an ideal destination for international students who want to be able to take in-person classes and learn a valuable Asian language.

International students are allowed to enter South Korea to study as long as you have a negative Covid test!


Border status: Open to international students

Singapore is another amazing destination for elite education. Singapore is an economics powerhouse and major influence upon the East Asian and Southeast Asian region, with a highly developed society and globally respected universities and research institutions. Studying or transferring to study in Singapore allows you to take in-person classes, study Mandarin Chinese, and explore a unique and diverse culture.

Singaporean schools offer courses in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and Hokkien. It’s a top destination for students to learn Chinese outside of China!

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Border status: Open to international students

Malaysia is one of the most affordable destinations to live and study in Asia. The island nation has a very low cost of living, but they also have highly-ranked and affordable universities. It is the perfect package for international students who want to study in Asia with a good education and low costs. Universiti Malaya and Universiti Putra Malaysia are the country’s top-ranked schools.


Border status: Open to international students

Japan is a great destination to study in Asia for students from around the world. Japan has a highly advanced economy, which eagerly recruits foreigners as interns and workers. Fields such as tech, business, maths, and science are especially highly ranked in Japan.

In addition to strong academics, Japan also has a beautiful traditional culture, captivating language, influential culture, and mesmerizing scenery. Studying in Japan is an amazing way to explore new cultures and one of Asia’s most powerful economies.

Study in Asia: Japan


Border status: Open to international students

India is currently open to international students to study and can offer plenty of benefits to international students. Experience in the world’s largest democracy and heartland of some of the oldest civilizations and religions in the world will expose students to new ideas and opportunities. India’s top universities are also ranked in the top 200 of the world! The Indian Institute of Science, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, and Indian Institute of Technology Delhi are the highest ranked in the country.

Indian universities combine affordable cost of living with unique travel and study opportunities in one of the most influential players in Asian politics and economies.

New Zealand

Border Status: Open for international students from August 1, 2022

NZ is one of the safest places to live in the world–extremely low crime rates and tolerant society. New Zealand ranks 2nd in the Global Peace Index for 2021. Ranked #10 in the world for education, NZ’s schools and universities are top notch. All their universities are ranking in the top 500 worldwide.

Studying in New Zealand gives international students the opportunity to develop English skills, obtain a world-class degree, and immerse themselves in Polynesian and Pacific culture. In addition, students can explore New Zealand’s famous wildlife, forests, and beaches!


Border status: Open for international students

For those who want to study in Asia or Oceania, Australia is one of the most popular English-language destinations in the world. Combining regionally powerful universities with amazing weather and laid-back lifestyles, it’s no wonder international students are flocking to Australia!

Studying in Australia opens doors for students to obtain strong degrees, work and internship experience, and global connections with international classmates. Learn more about studying in Australia on China Admissions:


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