Destination Australia: The Top Cities and Universities Down Under

There are a great many things that spring to mind when you think about Australia. The wildlife, the beautiful scenery and quite a few famous names too. It isn’t, however, the first place many think of when considering where to study internationally. But Australia is well worth exploring for its educational opportunities. It is home to some incredible universities and innovative courses in the fields of science and medicine in particular. There are many reasons to choose to live and study in Australia and today we’re going to cover what makes Australia a great home, as well as the top 5 universities in the country.

Living in Australia

Choosing to move to a new country is no simple thing. Before you go, you want to be sure that you’re going to feel comfortable living there. Fortunately, Australia is a wonderful place to live and study, offering a great many perks and benefits. First of all, Australia is consistently ranked high on the quality of living, earning it a 7.1 grade, higher than the OECD average of 6.7. But that isn’t where the benefits end. Australia, in addition to being an enormous country, has a climate worth boasting about. Compared to the UK for example, Australia has nearly 1500 more hours of sunshine a year. Which is wonderful if you enjoy longer days and brighter summers. Think of all those beach visits in between classes!

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When it comes to actually choosing a place to live in Australia, you’re quite spoiled for choice. Sydney, perhaps the most popular of Australian cities, is packed full of exciting locations, events and beautiful scenery. With more than 100 beaches, the inspiring Sydney Opera House and the biggest natural harbor in the world, you’ll have plenty to do.

Next up we have Melbourne to the south east. The third largest city in Australia, Melbourne offers a continental climate, the most cafes per capita and wild penguins which can be found in a penguin parade. Melbourne is also trendy, innovative, modern and highly cosmopolitan. 

Whilst there are more amazing cities to explore in Australia, it’s time we looked at the top 5 universities.

The Top 5 Universities in Australia

There are a lot of interesting and globally recognised universities in Australia, and today we’re going to explore our favorite 5 options.

University of Melbourne

Founded in 1853, the University of Melbourne has seven campuses across the city hosting over 54,400 students. Commonly thought of as one of the best if not the best university in the country, this university is very appropriately ranked in the top 30 worldwide. The University of Melbourne is known for its focus on neuroscience, sustainable society, networked society, energy and social equity. What’s more, they have nearly 20 graduate schools and five research institutes. All of which contributes to a global QS score of over 81, making it an ideal choice for international students.

University of Sydney

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Never too far behind our first option, the University of Sydney is often ranked in the top 40 universities in the world. Located, as you might expect, in the city of Sydney, this university has over 47,000 students with nearly 21,000 of those being international. Founded in 1850, the university has a number of research facilities of great renown. Interestingly, one of which, the One Tree Island Research Station, is located near the Great Barrier reef. Whilst the University of Sydney has 16 academic divisions, they have an excellent reputation for arts and social sciences, business, engineering and information technologies and medicine.

University of Queensland

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Located in the biggest city in Australia, Brisbane, the University of Queensland is one of our favorite picks for international students. Ranked in the top 50 universities in the world, this university lives up to the reputation of the city it resides in. With over 41,00 students and nearly 17,000 international students, the University of Queensland was established in 1909. For interested students, the university has six main academic divisions including business, economics and law as well as health and behavioral sciences. If that wasn’t enough for you, the University of Queensland has a QS rating of 74.8.

Monash University

Also situated in Melbourne, Monash University has nearly 59,000 students with almost 24,000 of them being international. Students that attend Monash University come from over 100 countries, making it an interesting place for anyone looking to study there. Founded not too long ago in 1958, this university has a range of academic divisions from art and design to business and economics. With a global ranking in the top 50 and a QS score of 71.6, this university is a great choice for any student.

University of New South Wales

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For the final of our top recommended Universities in Australia, we have the University of New South Wales. Commonly considered on the same level as Monash University, this university is located within a suburb of Sydney. With over 45,000 students and 18,000 of those international, this highly commended university makes for a great choice for anyone looking to study in Australia. In addition to being ranked in the top 40 universities in the world, the University of New South Wales has a QS score of 78.

How to Apply to Study in Australia

study in australia

With a good idea of what Australia has to offer and the universities available, you’ll want to know the process of applying and of course, the cost.

International students can expect to pay anywhere from $13,000 to $20,000 per year in fees. The tuition fee is determined by how many units you take to study which is typically 8 units per year over 2 semesters.

Interestingly, degrees in Australia are shorter than some other countries.

  • Bachelor Degree – 3 years (24 units)
  • Professional (honors) degree – 4 years (32 units)
  • Masters degree – 1.5 years (12 units)

Studying abroad is an incredible decision and can be life changing for people around the world. If you’re looking to study abroad, get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.

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