Study in Ireland! 2024 Complete Application Guide

What is it like to study in Ireland? Also known as the Emerald Isle or the Land of Saints and Scholars, Ireland is a small country with a big history and plenty to offer international students. From quality and affordable English-language education, extremely high level of safety, and welcoming culture, Ireland is an unforgettable journey for students!

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5 Reasons to Study in Ireland

  • Ireland is one of the safest countries in the world. There are extremely low crime rates. Avoiding alcohol, drugs, and going out alone at night will get rid of most risks of crime.
  • Ireland is known for its unique and influential history. Celtic culture, language, and history have had an underrated yet profound impact upon Western civilization. Ireland is known for being a land of magic and superstition as well–faeries, kelpies, and banshees are a few mystical creatures with origins in Irish myth.
Rock of Cashel in Ireland Study in Ireland
Rock of Cashel in Ireland
  • Ireland is becoming more skilled and highly educated. “In 2000 less than 78,000 students were enrolled, compared to over 128,000 by 2019,” according to the Irish Universities Association, which means investment in universities is increasing.
  • Ireland is part of the EU. Living and working in the European Union undoubtedly offers students plentiful opportunities to travel and work around any of the EU countries–from Spain to Croatia.
  • Ireland is an English-speaking country! Students can study in English for much lower costs compared to the UK and US. English the most highly-valued language in the world for a global career and international students.

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Top Universities in Ireland

Ireland is home to many excellent universities ranking in the top 1000 worldwide. With their prestige and enrollment growing, Irish universities are set to grow in the future and offer even better education to international students.

These are the top 8 universities in Ireland in 2023:

  1. Trinity College Dublin
  2. University College Dublin
  3. National University of Ireland Galway
  4. University College Cork
  5. Dublin City University
  6. University of Limerick
  7. Maynooth University
  8. Technological University Dublin
International students relaxing on the grounds of University College Dublin Study in Ireland
International students relaxing on the grounds of University College Dublin.

These are the cheapest universities in Ireland for international students to study:

  1. St Patrick’s College, Maynooth
  2. Atlantic Technological University Galway
  3. Carlow College
  4. Dundalk Institute of Technology
  5. National College of Ireland
  6. SETU Carlow
  7. South East Technological University Waterford
  8. Munster Technological University

Ireland offers cheaper tuition to EU resident students. If you are not from an EU member state, your tuition costs will be higher.

Archive collection at Maynooth University Study in Ireland
Archive collection at Maynooth University.

Average Costs of Studying in Ireland

Ireland university tuition costs are rather affordable compared to the US and UK, but they are consistent with the overall costs of studying in Europe. Studying in Europe will be overall more expensive than studying in Asia or South America, but the benefits are of course enormous!

Average costs
Non-EU students
3000-10,000 EUR/year
5000-31,000 EUR/year
Application fee 30-155


EU students will have cheaper tuition costs (or even free tuition) across the entire EU in general.

Medical and dental programs are the most expensive in Ireland (this is the same around the world). Students studying the humanities, arts, business, or other sciences will find their costs are closer to the lower end of this scale.

Do Irish Universities Have an Entrance Exam?

No, there is no entrance exam to enter Irish universities. You will need to prove your English fluency–what is called an English proficiency exam. Students who do NOT meet the English exam entry requirements will need to take a foundation program or pre-sessional program.

English Proficiency Exam Scores to Study in Ireland

Proficiency in English is your most important qualification to study in Ireland. Since all the courses are taught in English, you need to have a C1 level or higher to keep up and succeed in university.

TOEFL IELTS Duolingo English Exam GSCE (English section) Overall English level
English-taught Bachelors 88 6.5 110 5 or better C1+
English-taught Masters 88 6.5 110 C1+
English-taught PhD 88 6.5 110 C1+


Study in Ireland
Students attend a lecture at an Irish university.

Most Popular Majors in Ireland

Choosing a major, or study subject, is one of the most important decisions a student can make! This will be the name printed on your degree, and can help you find related jobs in the future.

These are the most popular majors at Irish universities! Irish universities are well known for excellence in these study subjects

  1. Education
  2. Nursing
  3. Computing/Computer Science
  4. Business Management
  5. Communications
  6. Engineering
  7. Performing Arts (dance, drama, music)
  8. Psychology
  9. Environmental Studies

Study in Ireland _ SETU students show some school pride
SETU students show some school pride.

How to Study in Ireland

  1. Book a call with us
    1. It’s free! Talk with our admissions counselors about your plans, timeline, and budget. We’ll help guide you to good programs and universities.
  2. Find a program
    1. You can search programs for free here
    2. If the program you want is not listed on our database yet, click here
  3. Check your eligibility
    1. Make sure you meet the entry criteria and have the required examinations!
  4. Submit application documents
    1. On Global Admissions, you can use one platform to apply for multiple universities in Ireland or around the world
  5. Pay the application fee
  6. We will send in your application!

After completing these steps, you just need to wait for your university acceptance and then you can apply for a student visa!

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