The Ultimate Guide to Study MBBS in the UK

An MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) is one of the most popular programs worldwide for students who want to be doctors. An MBBS degree from a renowned university can kickstart your medical career and is valid in many different countries!

One of the best locations to get an MBBS degree is in the United Kingdom. The MBBS in UK program offers classroom and clinical training, top-ranked universities, high quality programs and technologies, and high earning potential in future careers.

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About MBBS in the UK

Study MBBS in the UK fast facts

MBBS courses in the UK are among the most competitive! With advanced classroom technology and modern facilities, recognized universities and prestigious career advancement opportunities, and professional training in NHS (National Health Service) hospitals, UK MBBS graduates will emerge globally certified to practice medicine. UK universities offering MBBS have strong ties with local hospitals and healthcare practitioners, so students can take advantage of this network to learn from experts and build a career. 

MBBS degrees, or just Bachelor of Medicine, can range from 4-6 years. 

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MBBS in the UK Tuition and Fees

MBBS costs in the UK range from $13000 to $50000 USD, depending on the university. UK/EU students could get cheaper tuition. There are also scholarships available (scroll down to see them). 

Applications costs to the universities range from 60-90 GBP (75-115 USD). These costs are fairly similar to universities elsewhere in the world. Application costs cover the university’s fee to process your application.

Cost of living varies in the UK depending on your location. Students may spend anywhere from 800 USD-1500 USD a month depending on their city, lifestyles, and personal expenses.

Study MBBS in the UK--Oxford University
Biomedical Research students at Oxford University.

Top Reasons to Study MBBS in the UK

  1. Highly-ranked and high-quality education
  2. Globally competitive degree
  3. Classroom and clinical training
  4. Advanced medical training and technologies
  5. Many full scholarships available
  6. Can practice medicine worldwide
  7. Very high earning potential for graduates
  8. Opportunities to specialize in unique medicines
  9. Explore the UK’s unique culture and history
  10. Students are able to enter the country to study

Study MBBS in the UK

Top Universities in the UK for MBBS

  1. University of Dundee
  2. University of Aberdeen
  3. The University of Edinburgh
  4. University of Oxford
  5. Brighton Sussex Medical School
  6. University of Cambridge
  7. University of Swansea
  8. Keele University
  9. University of St. Andrews
  10. University of Leeds

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Students enter the Medical School of Sheffield University.

How to Apply for MBBS Programs in the UK

Admissions Deadlines for MBBS Programs in the UK: October of each year*

*We strongly encourage you to apply as early as possible and do not wait until the last minute. 

Step by Step Application Process

  1. Have excellent scores in science and mathematics from your high school/secondary school
  2. Take the IELTS exam with a minimum score of 7/TOEFL score of 100
  3. Take either the UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) or BioMedical Admission Test (BMAT)
  4. Complete an online application with Global Admissions or at the UCAS official website (all university applications in the UK run through UCAS)
  5. Take any required admissions tests
  6. Complete a Health Check/Criminal Record/other required forms
  7. Complete an Interview
  8. Receive admissions notification and begin studying MBBS in the UK!

With high standards for MBBS admissions, it is no surprise that enrolment into UK MBBS programs is quite competitive. 

After graduating from a UK university with an MBBS degree, students can apply to practice medicine in the UK. To become a practicing physician, students must register with the General Medical Council (GMC) of the UK. Then, UK doctors can earn around 200,000 GBP a year, making it worthwhile to study an MBBS here. 

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Scholarships for MBBS/Medicine in the UK

Are there scholarships to study MBBS in the UK? YES! While UK tuition fees may be high, you have plenty of opportunities to apply and receive scholarships to study MBBS in the UK! Here are just a few of the scholarships you can apply for…

If you want to get a scholarship, we recommend you begin applying as early as possible. Scholarships may have their deadlines in the fall or in the spring, and may require extra documents and essays.

Students with very high grades, exceptional extracurricular achievements, or great ambition and potential are usually the first considered for scholarships.

Where is a UK MBBS degree recognized?

MBBS degrees from the UK are recognized by NMC, General Medical Council (GMC) of the UK, and The World Directory of Medical Schools. Most countries will have a way for UK-trained doctors to work as long as you register with local authorities and pass relevant exams. 

UK MBBS degrees are recognized in many European Union nations, India, Canada (must first pass the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE)), Dubai (need two years of post-school experience), and the US (must pass required examinations).

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The Dental School and Hospital of the University of Aberdeen.

Culture in the UK

Britons can be quite polite: they love to wait in lines (or “queues”), “sorry” is a popular word, people are very punctual and on-time, laws are quite strict about places where you can or cannot smoke in public, and Brits love to talk about the weather. However, pubs are also the backbone of UK culture, so expect to go out for special occasions or no reason at all! The British are also known for a dry, sarcastic sense of humor, which could seem rude to some students. 

UK culture is influenced by its long and unique history and major cultural forces like Christianity, the British Empire, European history, and modern cultural icons like the Beatles, Harry Potter, and symbols like the red phone box. 

British food can also be quite unique: fish and chips, Yorkshire pudding, Scotch eggs, Shepherd’s Pie, and of course tea are British culinary staples.

London scene- Study MBBS in the UK

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