The University That Comes to You: Arden’s Innovative Approach to Online Learning

Arden University is a highly respected UK-based university that offers a range of online courses to students worldwide.

The university is renowned for its adaptable study options, experienced faculty, and exceptional student support services, making it a top choice for students looking to pursue higher education online.  

All courses offered by Arden University are designed with the modern student in mind, offering a flexible and convenient approach to learning. 


Since beginning its journey in 1990, Arden University has been a leading provider of online and blended learning programmes, with a focus on offering flexible and affordable education to learners around the world. In the Spring of 2022, the institution was recognised as the fastest growing university in the United Kingdom, according to HESA data. They currently have over 500 employees supporting more than 23,000 students globally online and at their nine study centres in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, and Berlin.

Arden University combines expert-led teaching with cloud-based technologies to create a modern learning platform, supported by a suite of integrated software designed for efficiency and adapted to meet future needs. The university’s mission is to “make education more accessible, engaging, and beneficial to people everywhere” through a range of innovative programmes and partnerships with businesses and institutions. Whether pursuing a degree, diploma or certificate programme, Arden University’s commitment to quality, accessibility and innovation ensures that students who enrol will receive a world-class education that is tailored to their individual needs.

Online Programs

Arden University offers over 80 online courses in a variety of subject areas, including business, computing, psychology, healthcare, and education.  Arden University - Testimonial quote by a student

The Advantages of Arden University’s Online Courses

In a digital age where technology is king, many aspects of our lives are moving online. There is an increasing amount of academic institutions who are gradually shifting from traditional education models to online modes of delivery. However, unlike other universities that are relative newcomers, Arden University has been focused on digital courses for over 20 years which makes them well-established in the field. 

Regardless of whether you’re looking to advance in your job or gain new skills, distant online learning provides a game-changing opportunity for self-development and career advancement without the limitations of face-to-face learning. The benefits of getting qualified with an online degree include: 

  • Flexibility: learn at your own pace and on your own schedule
  • Convenience: you can study from anywhere with an internet connection, avoiding the need for commuting and saving time and money
  • Access to a wider range of courses and programs from around the world
  • Personalized learning experience: tailor your learning experience to suit your individual needs and interests
  • Improved digital literacy skills: develop valuable skills in digital communication, collaboration, and technology use
  • Cost savings: online programs are often less expensive than traditional on-campus programs
  • Improved work-life balance: online learning allows you to balance your academic pursuits with other important aspects of their lives, such as work and family commitments.

Engaging & Immersive Online Resources

Arden University’s courses make use of an exciting range of learning resources that may enhance your study experience even more than traditional on-campus courses. To create a rich multimedia experience, the curriculum includes the use of interactive videos, simulations, and animations that help to illustrate complex concepts. 

Students also have access to an online library that gives access to a great range of digital resources such as textbooks, journal articles, and other academic materials. 

Arden University’s courses also include virtual classrooms, where students can interact with instructors and classmates in real-time through chat, video conferencing, and other collaborative tools.

Arden University - Testimonial quote by a student


One of the main benefits of taking online courses with Arden University is the flexibility and balance it offers students in their lives. Online courses provide you with the freedom to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. This flexibility is particularly valuable for those who work full-time, have family commitments, or who live far from a physical campus. 

Arden’s online courses are designed to be accessible from anywhere in the world, allowing students to study at a time and place that is convenient for them. 

Additionally, the courses are structured in a way that allows students to progress through the course content at their own pace, with access to all course materials and assignments available 24/7. 

This flexibility enables students to balance their academic pursuits with their personal and professional obligations, allowing them to achieve their educational goals without sacrificing other important aspects of their lives. 

Arden University - Testimonial quote by a student

An Experienced Faculty

One of the standout features of Arden University is the quality of the faculty. It is composed of highly-experienced educators and industry professionals who bring a wealth of real-world knowledge in their respective fields. Many of the instructors hold advanced degrees and have extensive teaching experience. They are passionate about teaching and committed to providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen careers.

Professor Dilshad Sheikh CMBE CMgr CCMI, Arden University's Dean of the Faculty of Business

One notable lecturer at Arden University is Professor Dilshad Sheikh CMBE CMgr CCMI, who serves as the University’s Dean of the Faculty of Business and recently also as the acting Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic). Her impressive contribution to the Chartered Management Institution earned her the award of Volunteer of the Year at the CMI Awards 2022, as well as a place on Business Women in Education’s Women to Watch 2022 list.

Another influential figure is Professor Gail Steptoe-Warren, the Head of the School of Psychology. As a registered Occupational Psychologist with the Health Care Professions Council, she has worked in a consultancy capacity with the public, private, voluntary, and charitable sector. She continues to work closely with the British Psychological Society, the QAA Subject Benchmark Statements and as the UK representative for the S-EAC (EFPA).

Arden University - Testimonial quote by a student

Exceptional Student Support Services

Even though online learning has become increasingly popular, it does present several challenges for some students. The lack of face-to-face interaction with instructors and other students can make it difficult to stay engaged and motivated. It is also important to exercise self-discipline and time management skills as students are responsible for managing their own schedules and staying on top of their coursework. Arden University recognizes these challenges and provides exceptional student support services to help overcome them. 

These are some of the support services which its students greatly benefit from: 

  • 24/7 access to technical support
  • A dedicated student success team offering support to all students
  • Academic advisors who provide one-on-one guidance 
  • Tutoring services to help students master difficult concepts 
  • A comprehensive online library 
  • Online study materials 
  • Virtual classrooms that stimulate the experience of being in a traditional classroom 

Advance Your Career Prospects

Arden University’s online courses provide an excellent opportunity for students to pursue higher education at a time and place that suits them. Don’t just take our word for it, though. According to recent surveys, 95% of Arden University’s graduates were satisfied with their overall experience, and 90% agree that their career possibilities have been enhanced by their studies. With these attestations, it’s clear that Arden University’s online courses offer a truly rewarding and valuable learning experience.

Browse through Arden University’s online programs for more information including what you will need to apply. 

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