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The latest in our series of the most beautiful universities in the world takes you to the grandeur of the United Kingdom. Universities here are globally renowned not only for their academic excellence but also for their enchanting campuses, some which are not far from the image of Hogwarts that many worldwide may conjure.

As with a lot of British architecture, these institutions effectively blend rich history and modern aesthetics with functionality. From the centuries-old stone-walled courtyards of Oxford to the breathtaking green spaces of Cambridge, these are ten of the most beautiful university campuses found in the UK.

10) University of Exeter

The University of Exeter‘s main site, Streatham Campus, is known for its modern facilities that blend naturally into the stunning surrounding countryside. It is located on a hillside overlooking the picturesque city of Exeter, Devon, and features a diverse mix of architectural styles, with some buildings dating all the way back to the 19th heritage.

9) Durham University

Durham University‘s campus is renowned for its exceptional beauty and has been consistently ranked among the most picturesque in the UK.

The university is located in the city of Durham, which is steeped in history. The campus itself is a captivating blend of medieval and neoclassical architecture, with the iconic Durham Castle and Cathedral dominating the skyline. These UNESCO World Heritage Sites add a sense of grandeur and timelessness to the campus. It has 17 colleges, each with its own distinct character and buildings, and with beautiful courtyards and gardens. Durham University is perched on a peninsula and surrounded on three sides by the River Wear, offering views from several vantage points and bridges to get around the campus.

8) University of Lincoln

The University of Lincoln‘s Brayford Pool Campus is situated along the waterfront of the Brayford Pool, a natural lake-like feature that adds a unique and picturesque aspect to the campus. The campus boasts contemporary architecture, with sleek and modern buildings that harmonize with the surrounding environment. The modern design elements give the campus a fresh and vibrant feel. The university has also made a conscious effort to incorporate green spaces and landscaped areas into the campus.

The city of Lincoln, where the university is located, is itself steeped in history, featuring a magnificent medieval cathedral and castle.

7) Cardiff Metropolitan University

Fondly known as Cardiff Met, bothCyncoed and Llandaff campuses are integrated with the city of Cardiff. showcase contemporary and innovative architecture, incorporating sleek designs and cutting-edge facilities. They are well-known for their well-maintained green spaces, gardens, and landscaped areas. The Cyncoed Campus is set within 60 acres of parkland, offering students a serene and scenic setting to explore and enjoy throughout the academic year. The Llandaff Campus is located close to the River Taff, adding a picturesque water element to the campus setting.

6) University of Bristol

University of Bristol’s campus is renowned for its stunning beauty, combining a mix of historic architecture, green spaces, and a vibrant student atmosphere. The Wills Memorial Building, with its impressive Gothic Revival design, serves as a central focal point of the campus. Its striking tower is a prominent landmark in the city of Bristol. The campus offers a balance of modern facilities and well-maintained green spaces, such as the Royal Fort Gardens. The University Walk is a tree-lined path that connects various parts of the campus, offering a pleasant and picturesque route for students and staff to navigate the university.

5) Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth University is situated on the picturesque west coast of Wales, overlooking Cardigan Bay. The stunning coastal setting provides breathtaking views of the sea and surrounding hills. The main campus, known as Penglais Campus, is perched on a hilltop, surrounded by green spaces and woodlands. Aberystwyth University is committed to sustainability and has implemented various eco-friendly initiatives across its campus. The campus’s location allows for easy access to beautiful natural landscapes, including mountain and forests, as well as the charming coastal town of Aberystwyth.

4) Queen’s University Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast‘s campus is celebrated for its architectural grandeur, historic charm, and lush green spaces. The campus features a rich collection of Victorian buildings, such as the main building which showcases stunning Gothic Revival architecture. The campus is generously adorned with green spaces, landscaped gardens, and courtyards, in addition to being adjacent to the beautiful Botanic Gardens. The university’s location near the Lagan River adds to its beauty, providing scenic views and opportunities for waterfront walks and recreation.

3) Royal Holloway, University of London

This renowned campus by the University of London exudes a sense of history and heritage. The centerpiece of the Royal Holloway campus is the magnificent Founder’s Building, an exquisite example of Victorian architecture influenced by the Italian Renaissance. It features intricate detailing and elegant towers surrounded by a beautiful quadrangle, known as the Picture Gallery Quadrangle. The immaculately manicured lawns, flowerbeds, and architectural symmetry enhance the overall beauty of the campus. It is also home to the Royal Holloway Chapel, a beautiful and ornate place of worship with intricate stained glass windows and impressive acoustics.

2) University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge‘s campus is renowned for its extraordinary beauty and historic charm. The campus is dotted with magnificent historic buildings, including colleges, libraries, and chapels. The iconic King’s College Chapel, for example, is an extraordinary example of Gothic architecture and serves as a symbol of the university’s rich heritage. Each college has its own distinct architecture, courtyards, gardens, and traditions, creating a diverse and enchanting tapestry. The River Cam meanders through the campus, and the famous Mathematical Bridge and numerous punts add to the charm of the setting.

1) University of Oxford

The University of Oxford’s campus is characterized by an array of stunning historic buildings, including the Radcliffe Camera, the Bodleian Library, and various college chapels. The architecture represents a diverse range of styles ranging from Gothic to neoclassical. Oxford’s colleges are a defining feature of its campus beauty. Each college possesses its own character, gardens, quadrangles, and traditions. Radcliffe Square is an iconic area within the campus, as well as the University Parks, a large expanse of lush green parkland.

This combination of historic architecture, lush green spaces, rivers, cultural institutions, and a profound sense of academic and cultural heritage makes the University of Oxford’s campus an unparalleled and breathtakingly beautiful environment that continues to inspire scholars and visitors from around the world.

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