Where is best to work-study?

As an international student, studying abroad, you will get to experience new cultures and customs around the world. But aside from exploration, an important part of the study-abroad experience is budgeting and finances. As a student in another country, what are the best countries to make money abroad, and what are the work-study policies for students around the world?

In some countries, it’s easier to work as an international student than in others. However, for most countries, international students are able to work 8-20 hours a week and make the local minimum wage, and permission from the university/immigration authority is generally required.

Check the details of each country’s work-study policies here. Discover the best places to work and intern around the world!

Work-Study/Internship Policies for International Students Around the World

Last Updated 3rd March 2022 – this is for quick reference only, the policies are constantly changing and this may have some errors, please check the official links for further information. If you believe there is something that needs updating or any ideas on improving please let us know on the form here.

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