Oslo Metropolitan University is a state university in Oslo and Akershus in Norway. It is the result of the merger of many former vocational colleges in the Greater Oslo Region. The OsloMet story dates back more than two centuries. Our programme in midwifery was established in 1818, and several of our other study programmes are the oldest of their kind in Norway.

In 2018, after a succession of mergers, we gained university status—no small feat in Norway, where the criteria are quite strict. Since then, OsloMet has continued educating professionals who are sought-after. OsloMet is committed to educating professionals and producing knowledge vital to sustaining and expanding the welfare state. OsloMet researchers seek to better understand the challenges and opportunities facing the welfare state in an era of technological change and globalization.

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🏫About Oslo Metropolitan University

OsloMet is an urban university with a diverse academic profile and a clear international orientation. Through the research we conduct and the students we educate, OsloMet seeks to respond to the needs of society and the labour market. OsloMet is forward-thinking and committed to adopting new technologies and innovative solutions that improve the way the university is run. 

OsloMet will take a hands-on approach to meeting the needs of society and employers. The study programmes will be of high international standard, based on research, close contact with professional practice and up-to-date, student-active forms of learning. The University's research will be relevant and capable of solving the challenges of tomorrow. OsloMet's graduates will be educated to be engaged citizens who recognise the importance of, and are motivated for, lifelong learning. OsloMet's staff will conduct themselves in accordance with the university's values. The organisation will be well run and professional.



Delivering knowledge to solve societal challenges.


New Knowledge—New Practice

🏠 Accommodation

You will need to book the accommodation after you have been accepted.

You can choose to live on campus or off campus in private accommodation.

How to book:

  • Make a booking online after you have been accepted (in this case please let us know your choice when you apply).
  • Register when you arrive - its not possible to reserve a room before arriving. You can arrive a few days before and book it
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💰 Fees

Application Fee:

$0 USD

Tuition fee:

2,000 NOK per year

4,000 NOK in total

📬 Admissions Process

3 Steps to Apply to a University

Application step 1

Application step 2

Application step 3

Please choose the programs here , "You are advised to select 2-3 programs to increase your chances of getting accepted.

Required Documents:

  • Passport
  • Graduation certificate
  • Passport size photo
  • Official transcript
  • Personal statement
  • English certificate (You can take the English test online)
  • Guarantor letter
  • 2 Recommendation letters

Preparing documents:

You can start your application now and send the application documents during your application. Some documents you can send later if you don’t have them right away. Some more info about preparing application documents is here

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Application process:

Applying Online is simple in just a few steps. More information is available here.

The first steps are to choose the programs, pay the application fee and upload the application documents.

Once submitted to Global Admissions, we will review your application within 2-3 days and proceed to the university or ask you for further clarification

After it has been processed to the university you will receive your unique application ID from each university.

The university may contact you directly for further questions.

We will then follow up each week with the university for updates. As soon as there is any update we will let you know. If you have made other plans, decide to withdraw / change address at any time please let us know.

After you have been accepted you will receive your admissions letter electronically and asked to pay the non-refundable deposit to the university.

Once you have paid the deposit the university will issue you the admissions letter and visa form to your home country.

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Here is some more information about the enrollment process after you have been accepted.

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