The Ultimate Guide to Study in Taiwan 2022/2023

How would you like to study in Taiwan? With traditional Chinese culture, a friendly and open society, and beautiful natural scenery, Taiwan might just be the best place for you to study in 2023!

How can you study in Taiwan? What is the process to study in Taiwan? Everything you need to know, from choosing a university to scholarships, is right here in this article. Let’s get started on your study abroad journey!

15 Reasons to Study in Taiwan

  1. Top universities in Asia and the world
  2. Affordable tuition
  3. Generous scholarships
  4. World-famous healthcare–#3 behind the US and Germany!
  5. Explore museums and historical sites
  6. Colorful Taiwanese culture
  7. Many opportunities to learn Traditional Chinese
  8. Open internet and borders
  9. World-famous snacks and night markets
  10. World leader in tech and healthcare
  11. Welcoming for foreign students
  12. Easy and convenient travel around the island
  13. Thriving urban and civic life
  14. Amazing hiking and natural scenery
  15. Friendly and polite locals

guide to study in taiwan

🧮 Taiwan’s Education System

Taiwanese students undergo compulsory education from ages 6-14, with 3 years of Senior Secondary until age 17. For students aged 18+, there are many options including universities, 4-year technical colleges, and 2 year Junior + 2 year technical college.

For international students, you can learn Chinese in Taiwan but language skills are not required beforehand. In 2018, Taiwan offered 66 English-taught Bachelor’s degree programs, 263 English-taught master’s programs, and 148 English-taught doctoral programs.

🎓 Top Universities in Taiwan

According to the QS World rankings 2023, these are the best universities in Taiwan:

  1. National Taiwan University (NTU)
  2. National Tsing Hua University
  3. National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
  4. National Cheng Kung University
  5. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
  6. National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)
  7. Taipei Medical University
  8. National Sun Yat-sen University
  9. National Taipei University of Technology
  10. Chang Gung University

💸 Taiwanese University Tuition Costs and Fee Structure

Taiwanese universities are known for being extremely affordable. In addition to scholarships, students can live an amazing life in Taiwan without spending a lot of money.

  • Bachelor’s degree tuition: USD 1500-1800 per semester
  • Masters/PhD tuition: USD 1600-2000 per semester
  • Cost of meals: USD 180-270 per month
  • On-campus dormitory accommodation: 35-100 USD per month
  • Off-campus accommodation: 200-600 USD per month

guide to study in taiwan

💰 Scholarships to Study in Taiwan

Taiwan offers approximately 1,200 scholarship spots each year for students and researchers at all levels to come and learn in Taiwan.

The scholarships are quite competitive, so we recommend applying as early as possible! Note that the scholarship deadlines may be different from the university deadlines.

Chinese language scholarships:

Fellowships for Research:

  • Sinology Studies
  • MOE Short Term Research Award

Degree Scholarships

Employment Opportunities

  • Taiwan Foreign English Teacher Program

Internship Opportunities:

  • Taiwan Experience Education Program

Study in Taiwan

📚 Study at Taiwanese Universities

Study Bachelor’s in Taiwan

If you want to earn an undergraduate degree from Taiwan’s prestigious universities, the process to apply is actually very simple!

  1. Choose a university here.
  2. Begin an application and submit required documents
  3. We will review the documents and submit them to the university.
  4. Apply before the deadline!
  5. Get admissions into the program.
  6. Travel to Taiwan to begin your study-abroad journey!
Study Masters/PhD in Taiwan

If you want to study a higher degree in Taiwan, you need to meet the requirements. To study a Masters you must have a Bachelor degree, and to study a PhD you need both Bachelor and Masters.

The process of applying on Global Admissions is the same as above.

Application materials to study in Taiwan

If you want to prepare an application to study a degree in Taiwan, you will need to meet the following criteria and provide the following documents:

  1. Must have a foreign nationality
  2. Must have English as a native language OR have studied a previous degree in English
    1. If the above qualifications are not met, you must provide an English certificate at CEFR B2 (Vantage) or above. This is comparable to IELTS 5.5. See the English exam comparison chart here.
  3. Provide passport and photograph
  4. Highest degree transcript and graduation certificate
  5. Application fee payment
  6. Financial statement
  7. Recommendation letters
  8. Study plan/statement of purpose
  9. Autobiography/self-introduction essay
  10. Application form required by the university

Learn more: Eligibility and Document Requirements For Studying Abroad

🏮 Study Chinese in Taiwan

Do you want to study Mandarin in Taiwan? This is one of the most popular courses for students to take when they visit Taiwan to study. With a unique Traditional Chinese curriculum, connection to a thousand-year history of Mandarin education, and expert teachers, your Chinese level will improve significantly in Taiwan. In Taiwan, Huayu and Guoyu are other words for Mandarin Chinese.

Every university in Taiwan has Mandarin Training Centers (MTCs) designed specifically to teach Mandarin. Teaching Taiwanese culture and Traditional characters to foreigners is a major educational mission of Taiwanese universities.

There are multiple different courses students can take. The fees to study Chinese in Taiwan are as follows:

  • Regular Course (150+ hours): USD 485-1450
  • Intensive Course (40-180 hours): USD 515-2200
  • Customized Course: USD 15-40 per hour

Study Chinese in Taiwan Step by Step:
  1. Choose a university here.
  2. Begin an application and submit required documents
  3. We will review the documents and submit them to the Mandarin Training Center (MTC) of the university.
  4. Apply before the deadline!
  5. Get admissions into the program.
  6. Travel to Taiwan to begin your Huayu journey!


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