Meet the University of the West Indies: Caribbean to the World

Meet The University of the West Indies! UWI is an excellent global university rooted in the Caribbean with an international outlook and global centers across the world. At UWI, students receive a unique and modern education that spans continents and cultures. Let’s get to know UWI and why it stands out on the global education stage. 

UWI campuses

The University of the West Indies has 5 global campuses across the Caribbean:

  • Mona Campus, Jamaica
  • St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Cave Hill Campus, Barbados
  • Open Campus, multiple locations
  • Five Islands Campus, Antigua and Barbuda

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A building on the UWI St. Augustine Campus.

UWI also has 10 global centers around the world. Studying at these global centers allows UWI students to have an incredible international experience and gain expertise in countries around the world, while staying firmly rooted in UWI’s culture. 

Global centers are located in Suzhou, China; New York, USA; Lagos, Nigeria; Johannesburg, South Africa; Coventry, England; Bogotá, Colombia; Havana, Cuba; Glasgow, Scotland; and others!

students at the University of the West Indies

Why study in the Caribbean?

UWI is a truly international university for the globally-minded student. With 50,000 students drawn from more than 80 countries, it’s an experience like no other. It is also the only Caribbean university ranked among the top in the world, and stands in the top 1.5% globally. The Caribbean’s excellent education and affordable universities make it an attractive destination for students from all over the world. 

Aside from the academic capabilities, the Caribbean is a picture-perfect study destination. From thriving urban centers to beaches with deep turquoise waters, studying at UWI offers an unforgettable experience. You’ll be studying where most people only vacation, gaining valuable experience and cultural insights along the way. 

Mona Campus: the University of the West Indies

Fields such as biology, marine biology, tropical medicines, environment, or ecology are especially suited to studies in the Caribbean given the incredible biodiversity of the region. Medicine is also another extremely popular major at Caribbean universities. 

Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle for Students

The Caribbean has a truly unique history. The region’s modern culture is shaped by its indigenous peoples, history of trans-atlantic trade routes, European and African influences, and pursuit of freedom and independence. No matter which island or UWI campus you study at, you’ll encounter great diversity and dynamism. 

The regions are a melting pot of different languages as well. Though English is a main language, you will also hear French, Spanish, various African and Indian languages, local creole languages, and indigenous languages. 

the University of the West Indies

The famous carnival holiday put Caribbean celebrations on the map, but many other holidays are celebrated on the island! Festivals include Christian, Muslim, and Hindu holidays, Crop Over in Barbados, Junkanoo in the Bahamas, and more!

Students will be able to explore Caribbean hobbies such as dance, music, and sports. You can spend an evening out dancing to reggae, calypso, dance ball, or zouk. Cricket, soccer/football, boxing, netball, running, and other athletics are also popular pastimes. 

The University of the West Indies Programs

With multiple campuses and global centers, UWI has practically endless opportunities for students to pursue their goals. 

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study at the University of the West Indies


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